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Miami, FL - Design District

7657 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138
(786) 300-6855

Media and Press Releases

Painting with a Twist Miami on Oxygen Network!
June 19, 2013 - Painting with a Twist Miami was featured on Oxygen's hit show, "Find Me My Man!" The segment starts at 36:20; Where the couple has their first date at the Miami Studio!
Thriving Under $100K
February 27, 2013 - "For Patrick, Owner of two Painting with a Twist studios, being in this business is all about giving a great experience to his customers. A self-taught painter, Patrick originally worked as a corporate artist for Painting with a Twist before purchasing his first location in Miami, Florida."
Lesley B. from "X-Factor" 's 1st painting class at Painting with a Twist!!
December 19, 2012 - Video- My first painting class at 'PAINTING WITH A TWIST' in Miami, FL. I had a blast! I did not only paint my first art, Calla Lillies, I also had the chance to sing for the class after one of the students recognized me from The X-Factor USA Season 1 in Miami.
Make Colorful Memories For Mother's Day
May 11, 2012 - Video about fun things to do on Mother's Day and gift ideas!
Painting with A Twist...and A Whole Lot of Fun!
May 07, 2012 - Painting with a Twist is a wonderful spot and if you live in Miami…you must check it out. It’s something unique and us, as locals, should always support the many small business that keep Miami interesting. So what’s the story with this place? I’ll tell you…
Painting with a Twist
January 16, 2012 - Last Saturday night, we celebrated my dear friend and Deco Producer Odette’s birthday by getting our creative juices flowing at a new concept “store” called Painting with a Twist! I checked out the website before I went (they have locations in city’s all over the country), BUT honestly, I didn’t think I could really create a true masterpiece work of art!! LOL The idea is you bring a group of friends and your own wine..then paint, drink and be merry!!
"Places We Love" in Miami
June 21, 2011 - Painting With a Twist is Miami’s newest painting studio that takes you step by step to create your own masterpiece, no experience required.
Miami, FL - wsvn.com - 7 News - Deco Features
June 10, 2011 - Don't paint yourself into a corner when it comes to finding something fun to do in so flo we canvassed miami and found a place that you won't want to brush off. Painting With A Twist in MiMo is a place you're gonna to get hung up on and when you are done you can hang up your work on your walls. ERIC PATRICK: "It's a place you can come in bring your friends, bring some food, bring a bottle of wine it you want to and have a good time and create all of that art." Walking into painting with a twist is like walking into a gallery the twist you get to recreate the art and you get to bring it home. ERIC PATRICK: "I will teach no matter if you dont know which end is the business side of a brush I got you I get real specific bc i assume that people coming in here know nothing about art."
Miami, FL - Studio in the TV News - Interview with Eric Patrick
June 09, 2011 - Eric tells it like it is!!!
Miami, FL - Studio Opening - Entertainment North Miami
June 02, 2011 - First-date options can be rather limited, especially if you’re really more of a drop-back passer, and the chick has like, no quickness to the edge. For an ideal date outing that takes care of drinks, dinner, and a capable tailback, finally an awesomely distracting activity, hit up Painting With a Twist. Opening tomorrow, Twist’s two-story easel-lined loft space is headed by an artist with Hollywood story-boarding experience who’ll step-by-step you and your ballerest homies date through painting a given work, all while basically forcing you to booze with fervor as you go, saying it’s "not a class, it's a party", which was previously known as “college”.
Miami, FL - Opening in the News
May 31, 2011 - Unleash your inner artist at Painting With a Twist, a new art entertainment studio where friends can come together to paint, drink wine and discover their inner artist in a fun atmosphere. Participants will get a painting class by local art instructors, recreating existing paintings on bare 16" x 20" canvases. The venue celebrates its grand opening Wednesday, June 1 with a free class starting at 7 p.m. The locale is owned by local entrepreneur, artist and instructor Eric Patrick, who hopes to turn the place into a fun destination for Miami residents to channel their latent creativitiy.

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